New trucks that are equipped with older engines and drivetrain components, commonly known as glider kits, will for the most part be outlawed by 2021 as part of EPA’s federal Phase 2 Greenhouse Gas and Fuel Economy rules.

Heavy Duty Trucking reports that the rules stipulate that starting in January of ‘21, glider kits will be allowed in the U.S. only for their originally intended purpose, which was reclaiming late-model powertrains from wrecked trucks and used primarily as service parts. The new rules will phase out gliders over the next four years. Beginning this January, volume production and sales of gliders using “pre-emission” diesels will be greatly curtailed. The EPA and NHTSA said they hope that this won’t spark a “pre-buy” of gliders between now and January, states HDT.  For the full CTA report on the topic visit here.

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