Membership Briefing Note: eManifest & AMPS


Advanced Commercial Information (ACI) is a Canadian program aimed at managing risks at borders and ports. Phase 3 of
ACI is called eManifest. eManifest requires commercial information about shipments to be electronically submitted to the
Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA); this requirement includes freight forwarders, brokers and importers. Highway
carriers are required to do this minimum one hour prior to border arrival. This was implemented in July 2015.
Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS) is used to issue monetary penalties to commercial clients for
violating CBSA’s trade and border legislation such as eManifest regulation. Examples of non-compliance that most often
result in AMPS penalties:

  • Failure to pay duties
  • Failure to provide required information to the CBSA
  • Unauthorized removal of goods from a warehouse
  • Direct delivery of goods prior to release from CBSA control
  • Failure to report goods to the CBSA

Current Activity

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) has worked closely with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to ensure
the transition to the new system is as painless as possible. The STA is an active board member of the CTA and has been
keeping Members informed of these changes since the beginning of the process. STA wants to ensure that all
Saskatchewan carrier companies are confident and comfortable crossing the border into the United States. Working with
the CTA and the CBSA to ensure the least number of AMPS are issued as possible is our goal. If your organization requires
more information on eManifest, AMPS or any other CBSA activity, please contact the Saskatchewan Trucking Association at
306.569.9696. The STA has a cross-border distribution list that keeps industry updated on key cross border issues such as
this. To be added to the distribution list please send contact information to Russ Turgeon

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