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May 15, 2017, Regina, SK – After months of promotion in Saskatoon and Regina, the Saskatchewan Trucking Association announced on May 15th that the Provincial Truck Driving Championships Brought to you by WorkSafe Saskatchewan and the STA events will be cancelled. After many months of promotion attempts to engage industry employees the support in both registration and sponsorship for the event did not reflect an industry with a desire to see the event continue.

“The provincial driving championships were a fantastic event that many people were very passionate about over the years. It was a great promotion for the trucking industry and a place for people to come together and celebrate the importance of trucking. The demographics have changed and the reality is that there is no longer sufficient demand for this event, so it will be officially retired.” explained STA Executive Director, Susan Ewart.

Other provinces were ahead of the STA in pulling associations back from the event and the National Competition was also canceled this year due to lack of industry interest in the provinces. Many factors are expected to have contributed to this, including the nation-wide truck driver shortage.

Fans of the trucking industry need not fret, driver appreciation and celebration is still an important movement for the association, the form it takes will simply change. The STA hosts an annual Truck Driver Appreciation BBQ events, which is very well received and is held during National Trucking Week (second week of September).

All good things do come to an end, the reign of the provincial championships being one of them. The STA wishes to thank sponsors and trucking companies who did get behind the events as well as countless volunteers, vendors, affiliates and drivers over the years.


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