In celebration of 80 years since it’s inception in 1937, the Saskatchewan Trucking Association will be engaging in 80 Acts of Kindness throughout 2017.

“It is the industry, the people of Saskatchewan and every customer we have ever had that have ensured 80 years of success as the voice of truck transport,” Executive Director Susan Ewart says. “To show the association’s appreciation for that ongoing support and to celebrate the giving and supportive nature of Saskatchewan as a province we have decided that we will pay it forward, 80 times to be exact. These acts will be undertaken in the name of the trucking industry and will all benefit individuals, groups or the province as a whole. This is a great way to give back to the province that has given us the opportunity to create and maintain a thriving truck transport industry for so many years.”

The Acts of Kindness began on March 4th, 2017 with a donation to Telemiracle, a foundation that provides resources to residents with specialized needs for medical assistance and special equipment.

“We knew this was a great place to start because it is Saskatchewan people helping other Saskatchewan people who are in need. There are thousands of people involved in this spectacular telethon that raises money that is always spent right here at home. It’s local,  it’s well established and it is driving real change in our communities, and to us, that is what community is really all about, we were proud to be involved.”

In the months to come, 80 Acts will be executed across the province. There are some great surprises coming to people involved in many different areas of the industry and community. All the Acts will be covered in full detail here on the STA website, so make sure to stay tuned on a regular basis. 1 Act done, 79 more to come.


Act #2 – Scale Treats

The enforcement officer’s at the Highway 11 Scale north of Regina have always been very helpful to the STA. Not only do they answer member questions quickly and efficiently, but they allow the STA to host the Annual Truck Driver Appreciation BBQ at their location every year. We fully take over the building and parking areas, set up tables and BBQ’s, fill every space with people and have them turn on the scale lights. Every truck that pulls through is provided with a big thank you, burgers, hot dogs, chips, and drinks. Enforcement spends the day providing advice as opposed to tickets, answers driver questions and helps serve food. Trucks do not get weighed, inspections are not completed, just big appreciation shown all afternoon!

Act #3 – Treats to Members

While recently in Saskatoon for a STA Networking event, we dropped by some of our Member’s office to deliver goodies to their staff. They were happy to see us (we were having such a good time we forgot to take pictures, oops!)

Act #4 – Donations to Refugee Families

Saskatchewan has been great at welcoming refugees to our prairie home. Many of these families need a few basic things that many of our staff had extras of at home, like children’s bikes! Also, sewing machines, planter pots etc. We hope their life here is happy and fulfilling as possible. Perhaps this act may even help recruit a few new drivers to the truck industry – we sure could use them.

Act #5 – Celebrating Industry Victories

STA Affiliate Trade Member Cervus Equipment Peterbilt is not only a generous STA supporter, they are also right down the street from the STA office in Regina. As such STA staff have gotten to know their staff very well. Everyone was pleased to find out last week that the always helpful Heidi McCaskill has received an award from WorkSafe Saskatchewan. Read the full press release here.  The STA was very proud of Heidi, so we sent her celebratory flowers to brighten up her day. “Thank you all so much at STA for the beautiful flowers!! I was very shocked to see them when I got into the office.They are very beautiful and have brightened up my week!! Thank you all so very much again!”  – Heidi McCaskil

Act #6 – Driver Appreciation

Commercial Truck Drivers are the backbone of the economy, and we want them to know they are deeply appreciated. Staff spotted a truck driver they knew at a local restaurant and sneakily paid for his lunch.

Act #7 – #13 – Log Book Give Away

The STA sells log book, but the other day we decided to give them away instead! The STA owns a brokerage (HAL Insurance) and at the motor licensing desk, anyone who came in for a particular day and needed an NSC number also got a free logbook with a well wishes postcard from the STA.

Act #17 – #30 Free Coffee For Neighbours

The STA’s new home is in the industrial area of Regina, Saskatchewan. With only one coffee drive through in the area, it is very easy to find our neighbors in order to pour our kindness onto them. The STA was able to pre-purchase a stack of coffee’s from Robins Doughnuts on McDonald street, slap our kindness stickers on them and have them handed out at random to customers for a day. Cheers!

 Act #31 – #35 – Log Book Give Away

The STA loves to give gifts to drivers. Anything we can do to show them appreciation is something we can get behind. Drivers and owner/operators that came to the Motor Vehicle Division of HAL Insurance were given free log books.

Act #36 – The Gift of Blood

STA staff are contributing on an ongoing basis to the blood bank.

Act #37 – Food Bank Volunteering

The Regina Food Bank receives nearly 100,00 requests for service a year and provides 78,025 pounds of food (at least) per year to partner agencies. in 2015 alone 3,428,459 pounds of food were donated to the organization. Needless to say, it is a much need, deeply appreciated fixture in our community. The STA’s relationship with the Food Bank goes back many years – the association has previously rented space from the charity and they have lent us space for driving competitions in the past. The least we could do was send them a few working hands for a morning. The staff was lucky enough to get to spend part of the day in the greenhouse. If you haven’t heard of this great program, get the details here:

Act #38 – Postcards for Kids

Some people just need a bit of sunshine and a kind word – we were happy to step up. Sending postcards full of happy thoughts to sick children across the country.

Act #39 – Candy!

Sometimes you want candy but don’t have a quarter. Don’t worry, those treats are on the STA. Big thanks to Cowtown for letting us put postcards (and tape!) on their candy machines. We sure hope someone enjoyed this.

Act #40 – Find a driver, buy them lunch

Find a driver, purchase their lunch – and all day you’ll have good luck. it’s working for us so far.

Act #41- 45 – Spreading Good Luck

As a busy office, there are frequently couriers, delivery drivers, mail delivery people, tradespeople etc in and out of our office. These people work hard and as a way to let them know we see them working hard and appreciate what they do, we have handed out thank you cards with scratch tickets inside to 5 random people. 

Act #46 – Secrets! 

We did something very kind for an organization who had been very, very kind to us. Out of respect for the privacy of those involved, it shall stay a secret but thank you to this company for all of their hard work and moral support over the past two years. 


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