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June 1, 2017, Regina, SK – Wide Base Single Tires will run at par with duals on Saskatchewan Highways by July 1st of this year. The long and hard advocacy battle the STA has been fighting to have New Generation Super Singles in use at the same weight as duals in Saskatchewan has ended with a major success for the associations and the trucking industry.

“At the end of 2016, the STA was told that this would happen…eventually – and that was great news. Now that the Minister has provided a date and a public confirmation we are celebrating. STA Members have been advocating for this for over a decade, it’s a big relief to many companies that they will be able to use the chosen tires are par weights.”

New Generation Wide Base Tires are a single wide tire that replaces a set of traditional dual tires on commercial vehicles. In testing conditions and pilot programs, the technology has shown up to an 11% decrease in fuel consumption compared to dual tires.

The announcement was given to an eager crowd of industry stakeholders, gather by the STA for a policymaker-stakeholder discussion on trucking policy, followed by a celebratory cocktail reception. The event drew industry representatives from across the province and policy makers from a variety of government departments and crown corporations.

While presenting the highly anticipated news to a group of trucking stakeholders at a STA event in Regina last night, the Minister highlighted the Regina Bypass Project as a key infrastructure project, despite misguided criticisms. The STA has been a proud supporter of the project since the initial planning stages and understands the design, implementation, and costs associated with the project. The Minster also thanked the STA for support in opposing the federally mandated carbon tax, a tax that would place grain strain on a low-profit margin industry.

The Saskatchewan Trucking Association is the voice of truck transport in the province of Saskatchewan. As proactive trusted advisors, the STA is a knowledgeable membership association that represents the collective interests of the truck transport industry through authentic advocacy and education. The STA is celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2017.



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