In early July, Transport Minister Marc Garneau announced a $2.1 billion for the Trade and Transportation Corridors Initiative based on the merit-based National Trade Corridors Fund, which provides $2 billion over 11 years to strengthen Canada’s trade infrastructure.The NTCF is a merit-based program designed to help infrastructure owners and users invest in the critical assets that support economic activity and the physical movement of goods and people in Canada. It represents a long-term commitment by the Government of Canada to work with stakeholders on strategic infrastructure projects that help to address transportation bottlenecks, vulnerabilities, and congestion along Canada’s trade corridors.

The Saskatchewan Trucking Association provided a wish list of infrastructure projects to the Canadian Trucking Alliance that met the criteria of the fund. Suggestions included the creation of a Saskatoon Freeway and twinning of highways 39 and 6 from Regina to Estevan.

“Saskatchewan Infrastructure priorities ensure the continued economic growth of our province. As trucking is the primary mode of freight transportation in North America, a well-maintained infrastructure and access to other markets is vital to the Saskatchewan and Canadian economies”, said STA Executive Director, Susan Ewart.

While not exhaustive, the submitted list of general and specific projects are areas for consideration. In each case, funding for road based infrastructure would improve the trucking industries ability to carry the nations domestic and international trade.

Companies may request a full copy of the report by contacting the Saskatchewan Trucking Association at 306.569.9696

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