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Regina, SK – Today in Ontario, the federal Transport Minister, Marc Garneau, announced the introduction of a Gazette I process for mandatory use of electronic logging devices; a decision supported by the Saskatchewan Trucking Association. The proposed regulation will bring the Canadian trucking industry in line with enacted regulations in the United States that make it the law that trucking companies and drivers use an electronic version of paper logbooks, which are a dated and easily manipulated method of tracking a driver’s hours of service.

“This is about creating a level playing field for all companies in North America. Hours of Service regulations govern the safe operation of a vehicle and safety is the #1 priority of the trucking industry. Companies who chose to use risky taking behavior to get ahead are creating an uneven playing field for the companies who spend large sums of money to be safe and compliant. This is the first step in addressing an antiquated system that can be easily violated,” said Susan Ewart, Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Trucking Association.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance, the federal advocacy group comprised of provincial associations, has been advocating for the mandated use of the technology for years. “ELDs are going to ensure optimum compliance with hours of service regulation, which is going to reduce commercial vehicle collisions related to fatigue and cognitive driver distraction,” stated Stephen Laskowski, President of the CTA.

The regulation will apply to companies who are regulated federally, approximately 170,000 units. This will not affect companies that operate under the Saskatchewan Hours of Service Legislation, although the Saskatchewan Trucking Association Board of Directors has asked the provincial government to take a supportive stance on mandating ELDs.

“In early 2017, the STA Board of Directors voted to support the implementation of mandatory ELD use for provincially regulated carriers. It is unjust to the industry as a whole that national and international carriers be subject to vastly different regulations. Provincial carriers in Saskatchewan already have a competitive advantage through a different Hours of Service regulation, not implementing the ELD mandate in Saskatchewan will only broaden that gap,” says Ewart.

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