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Regina, SK – The Saskatchewan budget released today keeps a solid focus on increasing the ability of industry to move goods through and out of the province. The $924 million budget for the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure will keep the focus on increasing the safety of Saskatchewan corridors and related infrastructure. The total budget amount is down slightly from years past, The Regina Bypass project completion in 2019 may be a contributing factor to that.

Included in the laundry list of projects is increased twinning and passing lanes, both new and yet to be completed projects from previous years. Highway 2 near Saskatoon and from Moosejaw, continues twinning of Highway 6 and 39 south of Regina and an exciting announcement that planning will begin for the long-awaited Saskatoon Bypass project. $118 million dollars of the budget will focus on repaving and maintenance including surface sealing, upgrades to bridges and culverts and other work that will assist in reducing the gaps in the Primary Weight Corridors.

During the presentation this morning by the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, Minster Marit referenced the use of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers involvement in the Rural Crimes Task Force. The Saskatchewan Trucking Association has voiced concern over in the past, given the need for increased enforcement presence in Saskatchewan.

“Saskatchewan has more highways than most other places in Canada and a smaller number of enforcement officers than our neighboring provinces. Increased enforcement will aid industry in creating a level playing field for all trucking companies”, says STA Executive Director Susan Ewart.

Another positive portion of the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure budget is the announcement of the creation of a road to the Wollaston Lake region, which will eliminate the need to an ice road to the area and provide better access for good via truck to Northern Saskatchewan with reduced risk and cost.

“Currently the ice road acts as a lifeline to many communities in the North, deliver goods like fuel and building materials. Such material can be heavy and rely on the co-operating of nature and the use of an ice road increases the cost of delivering goods via truck. A roadway will provide year-round access via truck and be a lifeline to the North,” said Ewart.

With the Regina Bypass ahead of schedule, the STA will focus its attention on ensuring that the Saskatoon Bypass/Freeway project is trucking friendly.

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