The Saskatchewan Trucking Association Group of Companies’ Board of Directors, staff and Membership send their sincerest condolences to the victims, families and friends of those whose lives were lost in the collision near the intersection of Highways 35 and 335 in Saskatchewan this past Friday. The STA does not have any information beyond what has been shared by enforcement officials, out of respect for all those involved, the STA will not comment or speculate on information regarding the collision. It is of utmost importance that at this time, law enforcement professionals are given the time and the space to do their work and determine the cause of the collision.

“Our Board, our Members – we are all part of small-town Saskatchewan. Our children play hockey, they travel these highways, this has struck home for each and every one of us”, said STA Board Chair, Reg Quiring. “Now is the time to focus on the courage and dedication of the first responders, hospital workers, and volunteer rescue personnel who worked quickly and professionally to respond to this horrible tragedy with great skill and respect for life. These people are Saskatchewan’s heroes.”

The STA understands that it could be weeks before all the details of the tragedy are revealed to the public. Until that information is available to the public, the STA will continue to respect the unthinkable loss our fellow Saskatchewan people and continue to pay respect and offer ongoing support.

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