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Cargo Crime

Cargo theft in Canada is a major issue and it costs the economy upwards of $5 billion annually. The STA and it’s provincial and federal counterparts have worked collectively with law enforcement and the Insurance Bureau of Canada to curb the problem.

IBC announced the launch of a new national database with an improved feature, which is available to all insurance companies and members of all provincial trucking associations across Canada. Strategic partners can immediately submit cargo loss details to IBC through an online form on The information is then added to a cargo notice report that is distributed to local and national law enforcement, including Canadian and American border agencies.

Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), along with law enforcement and provincial trucking associations in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba announced that the highly successful cargo theft reporting program currently operating in Eastern Canada is expanding to the four western provinces. According to the Canadian Trucking Alliance, the rapidly escalating crime of cargo theft is costing Canadians up to $5 billion a year and is a significant problem in transportation hubs in Western Canada, southern Ontario, and Montreal.

“The Saskatchewan Trucking Association fully endorses IBC’s lead in combatting cargo crime, which costs industry and consumers more than $5 billion annually. Theft of truck cargo is not a victimless crime; it costs us all through higher consumer prices, higher taxes for law enforcement and investigation, not to mention higher insurance premiums. This industry partnership with IBC is yet another step toward bringing more awareness of the crime and putting greater emphasis on its elimination.”

Al Rosseker, (Previous) Executive Director, Saskatchewan Trucking Association

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