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ELDs in Saskatchewan

What does the Federal ELD mandate in Canada mean for trucking companies in Saskatchewan? That’s an important question!

Canadian carriers can be split into two categories: intra-provincial and inter-provincial. As a trucking company, it is key to know the difference in regulation between the two titles. While this categorization affects many parts of running your business, a major one is the Commercial Hours of Service legislation. An Intra provincial carrier is a carrier that operates solely in the province of Saskatchewan and does not haul goods into other provinces or the United States. Those carriers are regulated by provincial hours of service legislation created by the government of Saskatchewan.

An inter-provincial carrier is a company that hauls goods in more than one province and/or into the United States. Inter-provincial carriers Hours of Service legislation is controlled by the federal government.

The Canadian Federal ELD mandate will apply only to inter-provincial carrier companies, not companies that operate solely within Saskatchewan. For the time being, Saskatchewan intra-provincial companies are not directly affected by the ELD mandate and may continue to use paper logs.

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