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Federal Hours of Service

The Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulations sets the hours of work and rest rules for federal motor carriers and their drivers. Incoming ELD legislation will bring updates to Federal Hours of Service Legislation. Many provinces have adopted a policy that mirrors the federal hours of service regulations; Saskatchewan did not. 

Drivers Federal Hours of ServiceCommercial Vehicle Driver Hours of Service for federally regulated carriers is regulated under the Motor Vehicle Transport Act. These laws will apply to the carrier’s regulated entire fleet, even if some of their drivers only operate point-to-point within Saskatchewan.

Companies that operate in the United States are faced with using Federal Hours of Service regulations in Canada and converting the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation Hours of Service.

The Saskatchewan Trucking Association offers compliance advice as well as classroom training on both Canadian and US Hours of Service Regulation. (link to HOS training page.)

Additionally, the STA is a distributor of Hours of Service for Commercial Drivers published by the Canadian Trucking Alliance. This comprehensive guide provides drivers and supervisors with information to fully understand and comply with Federal regulations in both Canada and the United States.

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