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Long Combination Vehicles

LCV’s are an effective vehicle configuration for the province of Saskatchewan. Moving almost twice as many goods using one truck, LCV’s address the driver shortage and environmental concerns plaguing the trucking industry. The Saskatchewan Trucking Association was instrumental in bringing LCVs into regulation in Saskatchewan.

The Saskatchewan Trucking Association has been instrumental in making the use of LCVs widespread in the province. Working on the file since 1996, the STA was directly involved in the preliminary road test of the configurations, the development of the training material and training updates. The training manual (now updated) was created by the Saskatchewan Trucking Association.

Today, the BC, Alberta, SK and Manitoba provincial associations share the responsibility of ensuring training material is up to date with the requirements that the western provinces. To date, the STA is the only organization in the province that is permitted by the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure (granter of LCV permits) to provide training to drivers and instructors.

One common LCV question the STA receives is –“how can my company run LCVS?”. There are many reasons companies may choose to add this configuration to their fleets – cost savings being a big one. The LCV program also referred to as the energy efficient motor vehicle (EEMV)program, has many benefits.

  • Supports the efficient movement of goods across the province
  • Addresses the truck driver shortage affecting many companies
  • Allows shipper’s to bring bulky, power weight goods to market
  • Multiple reports have found that LCVs experience fewer collisions than single trailer units, a fact that can likely be attributed to the strict operator requirements and restricted operations such as double lane highways only.
  • Well suited to long, flat routes i.e. – prairies.

Monitoring of LCVs is a joint responsibility between Saskatchewan Government Insurance and the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure. For more information on how to obtain an LCV/EEMV please contact the SGI permit office. 

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