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Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana shines a light on both safety sensitive position and the rights of employees to use prescription medication at work. Via an OK from the federal government in 2001, medical marijuana infiltrated the Canadian workplace and now employers need to protect themselves, and their businesses.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) has produced a new suite of guidance materials on the legalization of marijuana and developing drug and alcohol policies for carriers.

The materials developed by Trucking HR Canada for CTA includes a white paper on marijuana legalization, a FAQ section for employers, discussion on human rights guidelines, along with a sample policy and checklist.

As part of this process, CTA and Trucking HR Canada engaged trucking employers across the country in a coordinated effort to identify and develop practical tools and policies to support the industry as it faces new challenges resulting from proposed federal legislation on the legalization of marijuana. It’s clear these changes will have a significant impact on the workplace and on trucking industry employers. They include information on the direct impacts of the proposal on occupational requirements for safety-sensitive positions; human rights; the provision of workplace accommodations; and public perception.

These materials were developed to assist carriers in their efforts to review and update their own drug and alcohol policies. While carriers should always seek legal counsel when dealing with the drafting of policies or with issues surrounding impairment in the workplace, these materials are a good start toward understanding the issues and what carriers can do going forward to ensure their drug and alcohol policies are appropriate.

These materials are available to members of STA, please contact Nicole Sinclair at 306.569.9696 for more details.

For companies looking to learn more about the effect marijuana can have on business, the STA will host Meghan McCreary to speak on the topic “Legalization of Marijuana from the Employers’ Perspective” at the AGM & Gala Awards Banquet this fall.

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