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New Generation Wide Base Tires

Environmentally friendly single wide tires can be used in place of dual tires on commercial vehicles to reduce fuel consumption. The Saskatchewan Trucking Association has been advocating for the use of wide-base tires at par weights with duals for over a decade.

The STA’s most recent advocacy success was the introduction of a wide-based tire permit pilot in Saskatchewan.  After years of study, meetings, letter writing and campaigns and inter-provincial collaboration, the STA proudly celebrated an announcement by Minister of Highways and Infrastructure, David Marit, at a Policy Maker – Stakeholder Discussion Panel in May, that fleets would be ready to use tires on July 1st, 2017. The first year of the permit pilot is now over and a network expansion will be included in the second year of the pilot.

Working in collaboration with industry stakeholder, the other provincial trucking associations the STA was relentless in its pursuit of the tires for companies operating in Saskatchewan. Susan Ewart, Executive Director of the STA: “At the end of 2016, the STA was told that this would happen… eventually – and that was great news. Now that the Minister has provided a date and a public confirmation, we are celebrating. STA Members have been advocating for this for over a decade, it’s a big relief to many companies that they will be able to use the chosen tires are par weights.”

What is a permit pilot?

The permit pilot for the tire technology will function much like any other trucking industry permit. Companies who wish to use the tires at primary weights must apply for a permit from the government. Since wide base tires have never been used at this high of weight on Saskatchewan highways before, information is being recorded to gain a better understanding of the effects the tires have on the roadways. The type of information being gathered includes which highways are being used, at what weights and for what distances. The information will be collected for one year. At that time the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure will have all the data it needs to properly price and issue permits moving forward.

For a full explanation of the process of getting a permit to use new generation wide base tires, view the below document.

About Wide Base Tire Permit Program

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