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New West Partnership Initiatives

The New West Partnership Trade Agreement creates a single economic region encompassing British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. The implementation of the NWP presents a great opportunity for continued economic growth in these provinces. It also allows the Western trucking associations to work collectively for harmonization of policy and regulation.

How does the New West Partnership Agreement affect the trucking industry? Directly!

The NWTP is a gateway for trucking industry advocates to push for increased harmonization in policy and regulation. As the governments from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and more recently Manitoba, have agreed to work to collectively reduce trade barriers, provincial trucking associations have also been working collectively to reduce discrepancies in trucking policy.

Long combination vehicle memorandums of understanding are a shining example of the NWTP working towards common goals. The ideal scenario in the view of the STA is to have the same policies and regulations in all the western provinces. This would create a more business-friendly environment, increase the free movement of goods and eliminate the need for companies to change configurations and permits when driving through more than one province.

In 2014, leaders of the NWTP met with industry leaders, including the STA to explore ways to improve the long-term efficiency, reliability, and competitiveness of western Canada’s transportation system. An integrated and collaborative system and supply chain that stays pace with demand growth, can pivot to stay ahead of shifts in demand, prioritizes safety and environmental protection and has the right options to move goods efficiently and cost-effectively. Twinning major highways and building perimeter roads in Saskatchewan was identified in a joint submission to the federal government. The use of private and public infrastructure investment partnerships exploring was listed as key pillars at the same summit.

The western provincial trucking associations (Alberta Motor Transport Association, BC Trucking Association, and Saskatchewan Trucking Association) are joining together to support the renewal of the work plan under the New West Partnership (NWP) to achieve greater harmonization of standards, regulations, and policies that affect the trucking industry.

The list below represents the top policy issues the western provincial trucking associations recommend be adopted by the provincial governments in the NWP work plan for 2016/2017.

  1. Electronic Logging Device Mandate
  2. Safety Rest Areas
  3. Mandatory Entry-Level Driver Training
  4. Monitoring and Rating US Carrier Safety Performance in Western Canada
  5. Weight Parity for New Generation Wide Base Single Tires
  6. Long Wheelbase Tractors in B-Trains
  7. Reciprocal Recognition of Pilot Car/Flag Person Training
  8. Improving the Speed of Regulatory Change
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