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Regina Bypass

The Regina Bypass is Saskatchewan’s largest infrastructure project to date. Moving traffic around, as opposed to through, the city will have many benefits to the trucking industry. The STA has been actively involved in lobbying for and supporting the construction of the Bypass since the 1990s.

The Regina Bypass will have a direct effect on the movement of trucks in Saskatchewan. Addressing major safety concerns along Highway 1 East of Regina, the Bypass project will allow trucks to move goods east and west in a more safe and efficient manner.

The Saskatchewan Trucking Association Membership is a major stakeholder in this project. As such, the STA is very well informed on the project progress, changing detours and special conditions truck traffic needs to be aware of. Currently, there is construction, west, east and north of Regina both along Highway 1 and near the Global Transportation Hub. The STA asks all drivers to reduce their speed, obey all posted instructions and keep in mind that the roadbuilders have families to go home to this evening. By mid-2019 when the project is complete, trucking companies and their customers will be very thankful.

Companies looking to work directly for or subcontract to the Regina Bypass project.

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