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Saskatchewan Hours of Service

Saskatchewan has its own Hours of Service regulation that applies to trucking companies that operate solely within the province.

Saskatchewan Hours of ServiceFor safety reasons, commercial drivers are limited in the amount of time that they can drive. Failing to comply with Federal or Provincial Hours of Service regulations is considered a serious offense. In Saskatchewan, the regulations for a drivers hours of service are outlined in a regulation titled The Commercial Vehicles Hours of Service Regulations that went into effect in 1996. View the regulation here. 

Hours of Service regulation in Saskatchewan are quite different than Federal Hours of Service regulations. The number of hours driving, the amount of time resting and use of caps and weekly schedules are different (Saskatchewan does not use caps or cycles).

The Saskatchewan Trucking Association offers training on both Hours of Service and Logbooks for commercial drivers. 

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 One of the most common questions the STA staff receive about Hours of Service is how companies are supposed to know when the regulations apply to them. Simply stated – if trucks move more than 160 KM from a home terminal, hours of service and log book use apply. There is also an emergency clause in the Hours of Service legislation to accommodate driving in unsafe situations and adverse weather conditions.

For trucking companies that operate inter-provincially (trucks travel outside of Saskatchewan), Federal Hours of Service may apply.

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