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Scale Bypass / Weight-in Motion

Scale Bypass and weigh in motion technologies can save companies significant time and money. Scale Bypass programs reward safety conscience, compliant behavior and save time and money by targeting problematic companies. The STA began work on making this infrastructure technology a government priority in 2017.

Technology is rapidly evolving in the transportation industry and is now a major factor in the development of roadways. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is the application of advanced, emerging technologies in transportation. ITS applications on roadways can save lives, money, energy and assist policy development and infrastructure planning.

The Government of Saskatchewan has an ITS strategy of its own. While all the information contained in the ITS strategy will affect trucking either directly or indirectly, a scale bypass / weigh in motion system is where the STA has chosen to direct its efforts as this technology would bring massive benefits to the trucking industry.

A scale bypass system uses technology to allow commercial carriers to bypass inspection stations, saving time, money and reducing fuels consumption, therefore, producing less GHG emissions. By developing a system that allows ‘trusted’ carriers with excellent compliance records to bypass scales. This rewards company who invest in safety and compliance and allows the focus to be shifted to companies who have not invested and are the real safety risk on roadways.

The Regina Bypass is equipped with weigh in motion technology that will allow for trucks to be weighed, per axle, and trucks that are in compliance with regulation will be able to continue on with their route while overweight trucks can be targeted by enforcement.

The Saskatchewan Trucking Association is currently creating a working group to focus on the advancement of a scale bypass system in Saskatchewan. Interested parties are asked to contact Nicole Sinclair at the Saskatchewan Trucking Association.

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