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Standardized Weights & Dimensions

Weight and dimension regulations govern what type of equipment can be used in what configurations on what roadways. As the voice of the trucking industry, the STA works closely with other provincial associations, the Ministry of Highways and SGI to ensure that what is regulated is what is best for trucking companies that travel on Saskatchewan roads.

The Task Force on Vehicle Weights and Dimensions is a national committee of federal, provincial and territorial transportation departments. The goal of the task force is to pursue more uniform policies, regulations and enforcement practices for commercial vehicle weights and dimensions within Canada.

The Saskatchewan Member of the task force is the Director of Trucking Policy and Regulation from the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure. The Saskatchewan Trucking Association has a regular productive interaction with this department as an industry advocate.

An example of this task force at work can be seen in the presence of Long Combination Vehicles in western Canada.

This task force is responsible for the creation of the Heavy Truck Weight and Dimensions Limits for Interprovincial Operations in Canada. which was a result of the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Memorandum of Understanding on Interprovincial Weights and Dimensions. This often referred to as The National MOU.

When an issue of weights and dimensions arises, such as a request from industry to use a new technology that would be beneficial but does not quite fit into the current weight and dimension policies, the STA becomes an advocate for the issue, but we do not do it alone. The Canadian Trucking Alliance and multiple provincial associations work collectively to have provincial and federal regulations changed. A great example of the provinces working collectively through the federal group can be seen in extended b-train configurations, tri-drive tractor with a semitrailer and the use of boat tail aerodynamic devices.

If companies require more information in weight and dimension regulations in Saskatchewan, please contact the Saskatchewan Trucking Association of the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure

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