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Top Fleet Employers

Top Fleet Employers is a national program which recognizes the importance of having sound HR policies and practices in the trucking industry. 

Launched in 2014, the Top Fleet Employers program has grown from ten (10) fleets being recognized in 2014,  twenty-two (22) in 2015, thirty-nine (39) in 2016, to forty-eight (48) in 2017.   It is a national program which recognizes the importance of having sound HR policies and practices in the trucking industry. It recognizes fleets that offer the best workplaces in Canada’s trucking industry, as reflected in the broad range of human resources policies and programs that they have in place. Top Fleet Employer is not a competition — it’s a recognition of meeting HR standards of excellence.

The Top Fleet Employer program is open to fleets of every size. A panel of trucking industry experts and a Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP) validated the Top Fleet Employer Program’s rating criteria. The rating criteria reflect Canadian human resources issues, trends and working environments, and Trucking HR Canada’s standards of excellence.

The criteria consider every position in a fleet. They also take into account special considerations affecting different types of fleets. For example, the criteria applied to for-hire fleets are firmly rooted in the core values of the Canadian Trucking Alliance’s Blue Ribbon Task Force on the Driver Shortage. The rating of private fleets used a system that reflects their unique working environments and requirements.

Fleet employers apply and participate in a rigorous three-part review of their human resources policies and programs. The review includes the completion of a comprehensive online application that is supported by a hard-copy submission, a Trucking HR Canada survey of the company’s employees and follow-up discussions with the company. The review assesses the scope of an employer’s formal HR policies and programs in four key categories: Basics, Respect, Training, and Family.

The STA is proud to have Member companies present in all three years of the program’s existence. Visit Trucking HR Canada for full lists of Top Fleet Employers and learn how your company can get the recognition it deserves.

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