Carts and dollies can be effective tools to prevent injuries when moving items such as cargo. As with all tools there are precautions that should be taken when using the equipment to ensure that injury is avoided.

1.      Safely load and unload the cart/dolly

Always wear the appropriate personal protective equipment, including gloves to protect your hands and prevent items slipping from your hands. Place products on the dolly/cart slowly and securely in a manner that ensures they will not fall over due to being unbalanced. Always use proper lifting techniques.

Helps to prevent: foot injury from dropped load, hand pinching, muscle strain. 

2.      Use caution when moving products on the dolly/cart

Always keep your feet out of the path of moving carts and be vigilant of other foot traffic in the areas you are using the device in. It is less strenuous on your body to push the cart than it is to pull it and allows for better sight lines. The cart or dolly will have a maximum weight limit but each person should only move what they are comfortable moving; the cart is an assistive device but strain injuries can still occur when loads are too heavy or unbalanced. As with all lifting, position your body correct and lift safely.

Spills in the area of equipment use should always be cleaned up immediately, travel routes and aisles should be clear of debris – your walking path should be clearly visible to you. Slow and steady; never move too quickly when wheeling products. It not only increased the chances of injury to increases the likelihood of product damage or spills.

Helps to prevent: muscle strain, slips, trips, and falls.

3.      Climbing and descending elevation grades safely.

When you are moving the hand truck or dolly down on an incline – always keep it ahead of you. When moving up an incline, keep to device and products ahead of you. To prevent slipping or falling products when moving on an elevation grade, loads should be secured to the cart or dolly with belts and/or straps.

Helps to prevent: slips, trips and falls and injury from falling cargo.

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