Potential injuries while hooking up air brake systems include slips, trips, falls, hand injury and other bodily injury from air brake lines becoming unhooked or run over. The glad hand could slip due to a poor connection and injury face, arms, hands or chest areas.

1.      Be prepared.

Air brake hookup occurs outside of the trailer, exposing the operator to the elements. Uneven ground surfaces of icy surfaces can result in slips and falls. Ensure you are wearing proper footwear with appropriate grip to complete the task.

2.      Wear appropriate gear

Appropriate personal protective equipment should be worn at all times and a glove with the proper structure and grip should be worn while using the glad hand.

3.      Grasp loose glad hand away from the connection points

4.      Check washers (rubber grommets) on all four of the glad hands for any signs of damage. Also check that all washers are properly installed.

5.      Make sure air lines are stowed in appropriate area on the power unit when not connected to the trailer

6.      There should be enough slack in the lines so that the glad hands do not disconnect from the trailer, or the lines break.

7.      Inspect the frame of the power unit and trailer for any object that protrudes from the equipment that may poke, puncture, cause injury to driver that is hooking up air lines. 

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