There have been recent reports from Manitoba and Saskatchewan about drivers being questioned by CBSA officers about conducting, what they have arbitrarily deemed, non-essential activities while travelling in the U.S. This could include buying groceries or buying goods at a duty-free location, among other activities. 

This issue has been recently compounded by messages that have been circulating on the internet and social media indicating that these activities are prohibited by Canada Customs, and that mandatory 14-day quarantine may be faced by truck drivers that violate these rules.

In a discussion with CBSA this morning, they have reiterated that there have been no policy changes or additional measures that prohibit a driver from performing these activities in the U.S. The messages on social media have no validity, and CBSA is currently investigating the origin and distribution of these messages.

Furthermore, CBSA HQ will be contacting management at the ports of entry of Emerson, North Portal and Regway to ensure that they are aware that there have been no changes to this policy and to reinforce this with their border officers.

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