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Transportation Solution Provider Streamline Transportation Technologies of Kamloops, BC, supports the Canadian ELD process and makes final preparations to be ready for the June 12, 2021 deadline.


The push for consistent compliance is good for transportation companies, their employees, their customers and our respective communities,” he continued. “Leading technologies allow us to be safer, more efficient and more environmentally and community responsible. We see this not as a burden, but as an opportunity for carriers to leverage best-in-class technology to improve. Streamline is ready to provide the necessary solutions and support for our customers today and for many years to come.”


Streamline’s team is able to provide a user-friendly solution for customers transitioning to an ELD for the first time, or those transitioning from an existing solution, adds Zulinick. “Effective onboarding, documentation, support tools and a great support team will help carriers manage this change as easily as possible.”




Fleet management solution provider ISAAC Instruments says it is comfortable with the initial timeline surrounding the Canadian ELD regulations, which are planned to come into effect on June 12, 2021.


“With 40% of the major carriers in Canada relying on ISAAC’s solution, we take our role seriously. We serve an essential-service industry and recognize that ISAAC’s technology is mission-critical for carrier operations. We must meet the needs of the transportation industry and adapt to changing regulations,” says Jacques DeLarochelliere, President and co-founder of ISAAC.


ISAAC’s team is ready to play its role in supporting clients in a smooth transition. Documentation as well as training is available to help carriers understand the impact of regulations on their activities. ISAAC is at the service of those who must comply with the laws and intends to fulfill that mission.



The Canadian ELD Mandate is coming, and Omnitracs remains committed to ensuring our customers are compliant by the June 12, 2021 deadline. Since the mandate was announced in 2019, we’ve been working diligently to support it and support the motor carriers, drivers, and enforcement personnel who will be affected. In the spirit of our support, we will be applying for third-party certification on devices we intend to make compliant, along with providing training and preparation materials to the industry.


Compliance has always been at the heart of our solutions. From our robust range of ELDs and HOS applications for your unique business needs to our expanded suite of enhanced video monitoring technology, helping drivers stay safe is how we define success. It is what has enabled us to be there for you for the long haul, serving your teams for over 30 years.


We are delighted to be with you every step of the way on your path to regulatory success in Canada and beyond. Keep checking in to our Road Ahead Blog for pertinent updates, and visit our EverythingELD page for helpful FAQs, resources, and information on the Canadian ELD Mandate.

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