Occupations with
the most job openings


The top 25 occupations with the most future job openings have a balanced set of skill requirements. Half of these occupations are lower-skilled, requiring either Grade 12 education or less with on-the-job training, such as transport truck drivers and retail salespersons. The other half of these occupations are higher-skilled, requiring a
minimum post-secondary education or training and/or management experience, such as managers in agriculture (farmers), retail and wholesale trade managers, registered nurses, school teachers and cooks.

Occupations with the most job
openings that require high school completion


A total of 100 occupations typically require Grade 12 completion or some secondary school education with on-the-job training or specific work experience.

The top 15 occupations with the most future job openings in this lower-skilled category are spread widely across transport and equipment operators, sales and service, office administration, health and education occupations.

The top 15 occupations are forecasted to have 18,920 job openings, 68 percent of the total number of openings in this skill category. Seven out of every ten of these openings are expected due to retirements and the remainder due to economic growth. Estimated annual wages in 2019 for these occupations range from $17,200 to $71,700 compared to the provincial median wage of $59,300.

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