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Success Stories

Kate Pendragon - Operations Manager

Kate has worked in the trucking industry for ten years, starting out in the Accounts Receivable department at a heavy haul company and has been moving up ever since.

"My favorite thing about working in the trucking industry is that every day is different. There is always a new challenge that presents itself that you need to work on and flex your brain to solve. A common misconception abut the trucking industry is that trucking companies lack good business practices."

Konner Siemens - Logistics Coordinator

Konner is a logistics coordinator with Edge Transportation - a part of the Siemens Transportation Group. As the third generation to be involved in the family business, Konner grew up in the trucking industry and considers his father, Tom Siemens, a mentor.

"For me, the trucking industry has provided me with countless opportunities. I have had the opportunity to learn and grow. I would encourage people not to have a negative perception about the trucking industry, there is a niche position for anyone who wants to work in the industry."

Jordan Ewart - Policy Analyst, Saskatchewan Trucking Association

Deleted: Jordan is a recent entrant to the trucking industry, starting in his position with the Saskatchewan Trucking Association in early 2019. With a background in International Policy, the trucking industry is not exactly where Jordan expected to find himself, but he is glad he did.

"Trucking is a professional industry with a passionate group of people working in it. Often, I find that trucking is looked at as a last resort career or a meaningless career. I’ve done more meaningful work in seven months than I have in the past five years. I think that if young people are passionate, thoughtful and want to make a difference—that there is a place for them in the trucking industry. Trucking has a bright future with technology leading the way. The industry is evolving and my short experience in it tells me that there is room for everyone"

Jessica Reid - Logistics Coordinator

Jessica is a logistics coordinator for the operations department at Aero Delivery. Jessica's father was a truck driver. She entered the industry as a Customer Service Representative and has been in the industry for 8 years. Jessica cites constant learning and no two days being the same as contributors to her love of her work.

"I think young people fit into the industry as our future. As drivers get older and retire, we need to bring in new drivers, we need to bring young people into our offices. It gives you a different point of view on safety and how to do the job. I think technology is going to play a huge role."

Don Wolfe - Truck Driver

Don is a company driver with Custom Courier in Saskatoon. Don has been involved in the trucking industry since 1977, starting out in a cube van and moving onto bigger vehicles.

"Trucking is a decent way to provide for my family, and it's great meeting lots of different people in different sectors," says Don. "Safety first. Check your equipment before and after deliveries, checking weather to make sure highways and roads are safe."