Carbon Pricing in Saskatchewan

Carbon Pricing in Saskatchewan

Carbon pricing (carbon tax or cap and trade system) is a highly-debated topic in Saskatchewan. The federal government wants carbon pricing in place, the Government of Saskatchewan says it is unwilling to implement it. Both provincial and federal environmental regulations have a direct impact on the trucking industry.

In the fall of 2016, the Saskatchewan Trucking Association announced at the Annual General Meeting that the Board of Directors had voted to support the Government of Saskatchewan in fighting a federal government threat of a forced carbon pricing system. 

A white paper released by the Government of Saskatchewan in October of 2016 outlines Saskatchewan’s alternative solutions to carbon pricing. The Saskatchewan Party insists on a focus on innovation and technology, and securement of capital to develop and commercialize clean technologies. A poll in late 2017 showed that 70% of Saskatchewan residents supported Brad Wall’s opposition to a national carbon tax.

The Saskatchewan Trucking Association also advocated for innovation and technology in addressing the trucking industry’s consumption of GHG causing fuels such as diesel. Technologies already in use such as wide base single tires, boat tails and federally mandated emission reducing components have already made trucking a greener industry, but there is more that can be done. The reducing of red tape in policy and increased allowances for truck components that reduce fuel consumption will allow the industry to consume significantly less fuel, thus creating less GHG emissions. The details of the Saskatchewan Trucking Association’s policy request can be found in a white paper, produced in 2017 titled "Carbon Pricing in Saskatchewan: A Trucking Industry Made Solution."

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