Saskatchewan Trucking Association

Advocacy for the Trucking Industry

Advocacy is all about being a voice. For the STA that means that we speak on behalf of commercial carriers in the province and across Canada. Advocacy means driving change with all levels of government, it means engaging the public in conversation, it means making sure that the business is better for carriers in Saskatchewan.

The advocacy activities the Association partakes in vary greatly from month to month and year to year, but the constant is that every action is taken, every letter was written, every policy debated and agenda pushed, is done for the betterment of the industry.

At its roots the STA is a lobby organization; what exactly does that look like? It means that we use the collective voice of all of our members as a tool with policymakers to ensure that all decisions made that affect the industry will do so in a positive way.  Nearly 80 years ago a small group of individuals came together in a series of meetings with the provincial government to ensure that decisions were not negatively affecting business owners. 80 years later, the principal is the same but it all happens on a much larger scale.

STA AGM Gala Awards



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The Saskatchewan Trucking Association is the leader and voice for truck transport in the province of Saskatchewan.  As proactive trusted advisors, the STA is a knowledgeable membership association that represents the collective interests of the truck transport industry through authentic advocacy and education.

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