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Transporting Dangerous Goods
by Truck
2016 Emergency Response Guide

Member Price: $15.00
Non-member Price: $19.50
Seventeenth Printing – Revised November 2016
Published by the Canadian Trucking Alliance

Member Price: $7.50
Non-member Price: $9.75
Convenient pocket size (4″ x 5 1/2″)

This pocketbook helps satisfy the requirement for dangerous goods/hazmat shipments be accompanied by emergency response information. This book is only published every four years and assists with emergency preparedness, planning, and training.

Member Price: $3.50 ($175.00 per case)
Non-member Price: $4.00 ($200.00 per case)

Driver’s Daily Log Book
2-Ply, Carbonless, w/Recap, 8-1/2″ x 5-1/2″

Member Price: $2.00 ($200.00 per case)
Non-member Price: $2.50 ($250.00 per case) 


Driver’s Daily Log Book
8.5″ x 5.5″

Cargo Securement Handbook
for Drivers
Hours of Service for
Commercial Drivers
Practical Cargo
Safety Regulations

Member Price: $12.50
Non-member Price: $16.50
Second Printing

Guidelines for Drivers, Carriers & Shippers.
This manual is intended as an aid, a practical reference, and an informational guide.

Member Price: $18.75
Non-member Price: $24.50
2017 Edition
Published by the Canadian Trucking Alliance

The handbook provides information to help drivers and their supervisors understand and comply with the hours of service regulations in both Canada and the United States.

Member Price: $25.00
Non-member Price: $32.50
Fourteenth Printing, December 2013

This handbook is a field guide and reference for securing cargo on commercial vehicles according to the standards in effect in both the United States and Canada.  This handbook will help you stay in compliance and safely load and secure various types of commodities.

Member Price: $14.00
Non-member Price: $19.00
2017 Edition

The Saskatchewan Trucking Association is the leader and voice for truck transport in the province of Saskatchewan.  As proactive trusted advisors, the STA is a knowledgeable membership association that represents the collective interests of the truck transport industry through authentic advocacy and education.