2017 Panel Discussion & Reception

Stakeholder Discussion & Cocktail Reception

May 18, 2017 in Regina, SK

The information sessions vary in topic, depending on what the industry needs at the particular time. 2017 featured a Policy-Maker Stakeholder Discussion Panel and Cocktail Reception in celebration of the STA’s 80th Anniversary. The event was very well attended by industry advocates and key decision makers from different branches of government and SGI. Connecting industry with the groups that govern it fosters an open working relationship that has been very beneficial to the efforts of the Association.

Also hosted in 2017 was an ELD information session, planned in conjunction with SGI. The focus was on the rapidly approaching implementation of ELDs in the United States.

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Panel Discussion

This will feature a rotating cast, first up: SGI. Commercial driver training, carrier profiles, plate classes, business recognition and regulatory issues. Next will be the policy setting staff from the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure – Trucking Policy & Programs. These key staff member are the portion of government the STA directs a majority of its lobbying activity at. These guests will discuss weights and dimensions, trucking programs and NWP harmonization.

For this panel to be effective, industry input is required. Any requested topic of discussion or direct questions can be sent in advance to Susan Ewart who will moderate the panel. sewart@sasktrucking.com


Cocktail Reception

Featuring two very important speakers:

Honorable David Marit, Minister of Highways and Infrastructure, bringing greetings on behalf of Brad Wall

Minister Marit is the Minister that has the most direct effect on trucking in Saskatchewan. The industry has him to thank for the very fair deal roadways got in this year’s tight provincial budget. With a farm of his own, Minister Marit’s understanding of truck and infrastructure needs is very clear.

Stephen Laskowski, President, Canadian Trucking Alliance

As leader of the federal voice of commercial trucking in Canada, Stephen has a clear vision of the issues with the most direct and immediate impact. Lakowski brings decades of experience to his role and has been on the forefront on many high-profile files such as ELDs, the Driver Shortage and Federal Excise Tax Refunds.

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