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Posted: Jul 01, 2021

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Job Description

Gold is our standard in everything we do. As a professional Driver, you deserve the gold lifestyle we provide at Bison.

Based on Driver feedback, Driver’s choose to work at Bison because of the steady miles and flexibility, which are a result of Bison’s size. Bison currently has over 1,400 tractors and 4,000 trailers, which allows many Drivers to average over 12,000 miles a month, yet we are also large enough to have Drivers work one or two days per month if they choose.

We have several opportunities for talented Drivers looking to drive across the border to the U.S.

Why Choose Bison?

  • You have the right to decide whether or not it’s safe to drive
  • You get support from our 24-7 Dispatch and dedicated Customs teams
  • You earn premiums on all U.S. miles
  • You enjoy an assigned tractor as a full-time Driver
  • You have flexible schedules depending on your location
  • You can drive with a passenger/pet
  • You benefit from leading-class technology

Isn’t it time you experienced the gold lifestyle at Bison?

How to Apply

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