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So, you’re interested in joining the STA, we are glad to hear that. Let us tell you about the Saskatchewan Trucking Association and its Members.

The STA’s Membership is comprised of the most influential trucking company executives and the biggest movers and shakers in supporting industries. They are the leaders and voice of truck transport in Saskatchewan. As a trucking company – don’t you feel like you should get in on that too? If change is going to happen – don’t you think it should happen in the best interest of the trucking industry… and your company?

That is the idea behind the STA, and it has been for 80 years. Establish a common set of transportation priorities, advocate for it, make the industry better.  Simple.

As proactive trusted advisors, the STA has made real and long lasting impacts on trucking here in Saskatchewan.

Join the STA

  • Haul LCV’s? We helped bring those to Saskatchewan and the sole provincial provider of training for LCV drivers – you are welcome.
  • Worried about the driver shortage? The PR campaigns to attract new entrants and keep current drivers is already underway.
  • Think Carrier Profiles are more fair than ever before? That took us a while and we are proud we were such a big part of it.
  • Excited that you will FINALLY be able to use Wide Bade Tires at par weight in SK? Call us about the permits - because it was the STA who made that happen.

80 years! For 80 years, the STA has been using the collective voice of it’s Members to drive change for trucking in Saskatchewan.

Now that you know – we’ll ask again: don’t you feel like you should get in on that too? Join the STA today and work with other industry experts and professional lobbyists and advocates to allow you to focus on your business while we represent your interests. After all, we are only effective together.


Benefits of Membership

  • Advocacy:  Advocacy is all about being a voice. For the STA that means that the Association speaks on behalf of commercial carriers in the province and across Canada. Advocacy means driving change with all levels of government, it means engaging the public in conversation and making sure that the business-scape is overall better for carriers in Saskatchewan.
  • Expertise:  The STA is knowledgeable and ready to help with your issues. And if we don’t know the answer to a question, we’ll find it for you.
  • Training:  The STA provides industry-related classroom training.  Members receive a discount on most courses. Visit our Training page for more information.
  • Cost Savings:  STA members receive discounts on most of our items sold such as books, as well as on training.  In fact, our carrier members can take advantage of Instructor Training on some specific topics, which provides quality materials and opportunity to train within their own organization, and this can create significant cost savings.  STA Members also receive discounts on event attendance, advertising and other pay-for services.

  • Events & Networking: The STA brings together the trucking industry multiple times per year. The more often the industry comes together under the STA banner, the more conversations can begin about where we need to lead the industry and what needs to be done to get there. Networking opportunities at events such as the STA Golf Classic and the Gala Awards Banquet are also of great benefit to members. Check out the Events page for more information on upcoming STA events.
  • Public Relations: As an advocate for the industry, the STA uses a variety of sources in it’s public relations work. From social media to press releases and media appearances, the STA takes every opportunity to better the relationships with the public. By managing the flow of information through multiple channels, the Association can promote the industry, recruit the future workforce and enhance community relations.