Only Effective Together

Only Effective Together

As an industry, we can only be effective together.  The power of the collective voice of thousands of trucks, hundreds of managers and years of dedication have built one of the strongest advocacy groups in the province. The Saskatchewan Trucking Association is speaking on behalf of your company as a participant of the trucking industry, doesn’t it seem like you should be part of that conversation? You should be, and you can be. Every time the STA grows by one new Member, the collective voice gets louder. We invite you to lend your company to this collective, to empower your organization, the industry and work collaboratively to better trucking in Saskatchewan. We would be more effective with you on our team, after all, we are only effective together.

As proactive trusted advisors, the STA is a knowledgeable membership association that represents the collective interests of the truck transport industry through authentic advocacy and education. The STA is governed by a Board of Directors, elected by the general Membership. Under the direction of Board of Directors, the STA staff take the common set of priorities as established by the Membership and turn them into action items.

The Saskatchewan Trucking Association is the leader and voice for truck transport in the province of Saskatchewan. STA Members are owners, managers, operators and suppliers in the trucking industry who know that we are only effective together. Hundreds of Members strong, the STA is an organization built on the need for the industry to advocate on all matters of business.

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