Policy Maker – Stakeholder Cocktail Reception 


,The Saskatchewan Trucking Association Policy Maker – Stakeholder Reception is the most politically significant event of the year. 

On April 10th the Saskatchewan Trucking Association Membership will be joined by multiple provincial ministries and crown corporations such as SGI at the trucking industries most important political event of the year. The stronger the presence of STA Members, the stronger our political voice – the attendance of your company will aid your association in advancing our political agenda. The Minister of Highways and Infrastructure and the federal Transport Critic, Kelly Block (Conservative Party) will be attending along with representatives from Saskatchewan Government Insurance, Workers Compensation Board, Ministry of Immigration and Career Training and the Ministry of the Environment. This group of individuals creates and enforces the regulations that govern the trucking industry in Saskatchewan and this is an opportunity for companies of all sizes to ensure their concerns are being addressed. Please join the STA Board of Directors, Membership, and staff at this key event and lend your voice

2018 Policy Maker – Stakeholder Reception Recap

Among the VIPs who attended the event were Kelly Block MP who is the Shadow Minister of Transport, Minister Lori Carr from the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure. The majority of the Saskatchewan Trucking Association board of directors was also in attendance. Board Chair Reg Quirling introduced both Kelly Block and Hon. Lori Carr as speakers for the event. They spoke to the importance of the trucking industry to Canada, and how the federal carbon tax is something they will continue to fight against in their respective positions. The support of government for the trucking industry in the wake of the federal carbon tax is appreciated, and the chance to foster conversation about these issues is the first step towards change for the better.
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