Hours of Service

Hours of Service with Logbook Guidance


This course is primarily based on Federal Hours of Service regulations with notes regarding the variances with Provincial (Saskatchewan) and United States rules. Compliance with the rules is a necessity and it has been established that a poor understanding of the regulations is the main reason for violations. The STA considers this to be an overview because it is not exhaustive of all the regulation details, but it aims to cover most everything that a typical commercial driver will need to understand. Examples of daily log entries are used to demonstrate concepts; as a result, this along with some exercises, provides comprehensive guidance on how to complete a logbook.


Participant Program Details

Member Price: $120 | Non-Member Price: $155 | Prerequisites: None


  • This is a half-day course
  • Each participant receives a handbook
  • Wallet card issued by the STA
  • Certification expires every three (3) years


Instructor Training Program

Member Price: $380 | Non-member Price: n/a | Prerequisites: Yes



  • Must be an employee of a company that is a CARRIER MEMBER of the STA
  • Must have the basic fundamentals of adult education i.e. delivered classes to adults in the past. This may be satisfied by a letter from the employer describing your work experience and/or formal education documentation.
  • This is a one-day course
  • Instructor application must be approved by STA before registration will be processed
  • Certification expires every three (3) years
  • Training materials will be provided on a USB flash drive

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