Professional Driver Improvement Course

Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC)


This course is designed for any and all drivers, regardless of the amount of time they have been involved in the transportation industry.

Professional is defined as engaged in, or worthy of, standards of a profession and also as a person who does something with skill. You need to acquire the knowledge and gain practical skill somewhere. This course covers safety best practices, driver image and attitude, defensive driving and much more.

The course includes information on Vehicle Trip Inspections as per the regulations of the Highway and Transportation Act. Under these regulations in Saskatchewan, commercial vehicles must be inspected every 24 hours when being operated and must be recorded appropriately. This standard aims at early identification of problems that could cause or contribute to collisions or vehicle breakdowns.  An overview of the Canadian Hours of Service Regulations is also provided. These regulations aim at ensuring drivers are not fatigued to the extent that they are unable to safely operate a commercial vehicle.

The Modules:
Module 1 – Attitude, Image and Public Relations
Module 2 – Driver Fitness, Fatigue and Alertness
Module 3 – Hours of Service Overview
Module 4 – Vehicle Inspections
Module 5 – Airbrakes Overview
Module 6 – Professional Defensive Driving Techniques
Module 7 – Passing, Following and Stopping
Module 8 – Backing
Module 9 – Determining Preventability
Module 10 – Adverse Conditions
Module 11 – Off-Highway Driving


Participant Program Details

Member Price: $230 | Non-member Price: $300 | Prerequisites: None


  • This is a one-day course
  • Successful completion of the course requires a minimum of 80% on the final exam
  • Each participant receives a handbook
  • Wallet card issued by the STA
  • Certification expires every four (4) years

Instructor Training Program

Member Price: $380 | Non-member Price: n/a | Prerequisites: Yes



  • Must be an employee of a company that is a CARRIER MEMBER of the STA
  • Must have the basic fundamentals of adult education i.e. delivered classes to adults in the past. This may be satisfied by a letter from the employer describing your work experience and/or formal education documentation.
  • This is a one-day course
  • Instructor application must be approved by STA before registration will be processed
  • To qualify as an instructor, the passing mark is 80% on the final exam
  • Certification expires every three (3) years
  • Training materials will be provided on a USB flash drive

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