Transportation Dangerous Goods

Transportation Dangerous Goods (TDG)


Employers have the responsibility to ensure that their employees are adequately trained for their duties and responsibilities as they pertain to handling, offering for transport or transporting any dangerous goods. They must also ensure that this is done in compliance with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations (or Hazardous Materials Regulation in the United States.) Training for TDG is extremely important and certification is required every three years.
The Transport Dangerous Goods Directorate has prepared “Guidelines for Training Criteria” to clarify, but not replace, the training requirements contained in the Regulations. These guidelines are intended to help employers determine which employees should be trained and what should be included in the training.

The STA course satisfies the requirements for:
Guideline “A”: Training for all persons involved in the handling, offering for transport and/or transporting of dangerous goods; and
Guideline “D”: Additional training for all persons involved in the transporting of dangerous goods
Note: Additional training will be required to meet the requirements of Guideline “B” (for handlers) or Guideline “C” (for shippers) and the nature of some dangerous goods calls for specialized training.

This course is designed for those who transport dangerous goods by land (by truck) and is predominantly based on the publication “Transporting Dangerous Goods by Truck” from the Canadian Trucking Alliance and developed in conjunction with several trucking associations including STA.

Participants will gain a good sound knowledge of those aspects of the regulations as they relate to their job as professional transport drivers. The regulations and requirements change often and the information is exceedingly detailed and comprehensive. For that reason, the program aims at providing the fundamentals of each topic and at coaching the participant on how to find the information they require, and when they require it - on the job!

Participant Program Details

Member Price: $115 | Non-member Price: $150 | Prerequisites: none


  • This is a half-day course
  • Successful completion of the course requires a minimum of 80% on the final exam
  • Each participant receives the publication “Transporting Dangerous Goods by Truck”
  • Wallet card issued by the STA
  • Certification expires every three (3) years

Note: The STA issues a wallet card confirming satisfactory completion of the classroom course conducted by the STA.  The regulation states that the employer is then responsible to issue wallet cards and/or certificates that are specific to their company.

Instructor Training Program

Member Price: $615 | Non-member Price: n/a | Prerequisites: Yes



  • Must be an employee of a company that is a CARRIER MEMBER of the STA
  • Must have the basic fundamentals of adult education i.e. delivered classes to adults in the past. This may be satisfied by a letter from the employer describing your work experience and/or formal education documentation.
  • This is a two-day course
  • Instructor application must be approved by STA before registration will be processed
  • To qualify as an instructor, the passing mark is 80% on the final exam
  • Training materials will be provided on a USB flash drive
  • Certification expires every three (3) years

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