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About Trucking In Saskatchewan

Truck transport plays a critical role in everyone’s lives – even if they do not know it. Every part of your life – from the fuel in your vehicle to the food in your fridge, was delivered by a truck. In our landlocked province, trucking make our imports and exports possible and employs roughly 5% of Saskatchewan’s population. Across Canada, trucking provides millions of jobs; there are thousands of trucking companies in Saskatchewan alone, hauling a variety of products from agriculture products to food and consumer goods like televisions, clothes and pet supplies.

Trucking and the Environment

Many people think of trucks from back in the day – barreling down the highway billowing black smoke, burning diesel like it’s their job – this is not the reality of trucking today. Truck emissions have been systematically and significantly reduced in recent years. Since 2010, trucks have virtually eliminate smog creating emissions from engines. Trucks now utilize cutting edge technology to track fuel consumption and adjust for efficiency. Fleets (trucking companies) have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in driver education and after market additions to trucks that aid in reducing fuel consumption and lowering pollution.

Trucking and Safety

The Saskatchewan Trucking Association always says ‘All Roads Lead to Safety’, which means that safety is a consideration in every decision the industry makes. As one of the few industries that shares its workplace with the public, trucking understands the added responsibility our industry faces in keeping drivers and the motoring public safe. Contrary to some public perception, trucks are statistically the safest vehicles on the road. In 2018, Saskatchewan introduced Mandatory Entry Level Training for Class 1 licenses. This means that all drivers now complete a set curriculum developed by the industry and Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) to ensure new drivers are as skilled and educated as possible before they are given a license.

Trucking and the Economy

Saskatchewan has 26,250 km of highways, including 131 km of ice-road highways. That means Saskatchewan has the largest municipal road network in the country and the trucking industry utilizes it to get Saskatchewan-produced goods to market. From grain to crude oil, Saskatchewan’s export-heavy economy relies on truck transport. The trucking and warehouse sectors are one of the top occupations in Canada, employing hundreds of thousands of Canadians. 15% of Saskatchewan’s 1.1 million residents are directly employed by the trucking and warehousing industries. Without taking the drivers’ income tax into account, it is estimated that each truck on the road pays over $60,000 per year in taxes. Want more information on how trucking affects our economy? Check out the trucking fact sheet!



The Saskatchewan Trucking Association is the leader and voice for truck transport in the province of Saskatchewan.  As proactive trusted advisors, the STA is a knowledgeable membership association that represents the collective interests of the truck transport industry through authentic advocacy and education.

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