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Professional Driver of the Month

The Professional Truck Driver of the Month award has been established to recognize the men and women behind the wheel that make our industry great.

We want to thank them for all the work and time they put on the roads for us!



Congratulations David Mcatee

June 2021 | Professional Driver of the Month

David Mcatee

Congratulations to David Mcatee with Westcan Bulk Transport

STA Professional Driver of the Month for June

Driver: David Mcatee

 David is a certified driver trainer ensuring his trainees benefit from his knowledge, skill, and vast transportation experience while in training and beyond. David is a great Mentor long after he clears a n ew driver from training. He makes himself available to all drivers and is kind in all his interactions.

David’s Moose Jaw Terminal Manager defines him as a true Professional Truck Driver; he takes his role and the high level of safety-mindedness required to perform the job very seriously. He is respected by all his peers.

We recognize David for the pride he takes in his work as well as out company and we appreciate the suggestions he gives on how to improve our processes overall. In addition to David’s character and professionalism, he boasts a perfect safety record, operating both incident free and 100% legislative compliant.


Previous Winners

Henry Wall

Henry | May 2021

Congratulations to Henry Wall with Aero Delivery

STA Professional Driver of the Month for May

Driver: Henry Wall

Henry Wall has been a professional driver for over 41 years–beginning his career as an Owner Operator in April 1980 for Aero Delivery.

Henry now acts as Aero Delivery’s Driver Trainer sharing his knowledge and safety best practices to future Aero Delivery Drivers.

Congratulations to Henry for your hard work and dedication to the trucking industry!


Antonio Bonilla

Antonio | April 2021

Congratulations to Antonio Bonilla with Canada Cartage

STA Professional Driver of the Month for April

Driver: Antonio Bonilla

Mr. Anotiono Bonilla has been driving professionally since 2018 and has been with Canada Cartage Systems since November 2019 as a company 1A driver.

Antonio brings pride and dedication to his job every day. He is always smiling, eager to pitch in and help out whenever needed.

Antonio’s professionalism is reflected in his work. Customers have commented on his pleasant manner and his dedication to making sure the job is done correctly. He is proud of his career as a truck driver.

Congratulations to Antonio Bonilla–a very well-deserved recognition as the STA Professional Driver of the Month for April 2021.

Pardeep Singh

Pardeep | March 2021

Congratulations to Pardeep with Fantastic Transport Inc.

STA Professional Driver of the Month for March

Driver: Pardeep Singh

Pardeep has been driving with Fantastic Transport for two years. Pardeep is incredibly hard-working and a quick learner.

He takes care of his equipment, is always willing to lend a helping hand, and is very knowledgeable of compliance and regulation rules.

Congrats to Pardeep, the STA Professional Driver of the Month!

Jose Carrasco

Jose | December 2020

Congratulations to Jose with Kindersley Transport Ltd

STA Professional Driver of the Month for December

Driver: Jose Carrasco

Jose is a hard-working, reliable individual who can always be counted on by the Dispatch team to get the job done safely and without incident.

Jose has had no preventable accidents, owns a clean driving record, and has gone above and beyond dedicating himself to health and safety, especially during the pandemic.

Kindersley Transport Ltd. is a privately owned transportation company providing international truckload and less-than-truckload transportation services as well as ground courier serving Canada.

Dunn Transport

Gary | November 2020

Congratulations to Gary with Aero Delivery

STA Professional Driver of the Month for November

Driver: Gary

With over 38 accident-free years behind the wheel and more than 3 million miles driven Gary is well-deserving of this nomination.

Gary started with Aero Delivery 8 years ago when the company started its LCV fleet. Since then Gary has also taken on the role of LCV Driver Trainer for Aero Delivery and has helped many new hires have a successful career with the Aero Family.

He is always willing to lend a helping hand or pass along some knowledge to his fellow operators whether it is in person in the yard or via phone/text.

Dunn Transport

Bill | October 2020

Congratulations to Bill with Bickner Trucking

STA Professional Driver of the Month for October

Driver: Bill Goodsman

Bill Goodsman has been driving with Bickner Trucking Ltd. accident-free, for the last 45 years! A tremendous accomplishment by a clear professional.

Thank you for all you do Bill, and congratulations on being recognized as the STA Professional Driver of the Month for October!

Dunn Transport

Darrel | September 2020

Congratulations to “Scully” with Dunn Transport

STA Professional Driver of the Month for September

Driver: Darrel “Scully” Ariss

Darrel started driving Semi’s in 1987. In 1989 he was hauling livestock in Canada and the United States. Of all the United States he has logged, he is only missing 7 States. In 2005 Scully started with us at Dunn Transport Ltd. This past March he celebrated his 15th Anniversary with us.

Darrel is a dedicated driver and very versatile. He has hauled everything from fuel, livestock, oil, flat decks and fertilizer. We are extremely lucky to have him. Even when things slow down he is never scared to pick up a wrench and help in the shop. He is well versed on the mechanical side, which is a great skill set to have.

Thank you, Darrel, for your passion and dedication to the industry.

Ian | August 2020

Congratulations to Ian with Caylee Trucks

STA Professional Driver of the Month for August!

Ian has many essential attributes that make a great professional driver. Ian is a dependable, safety-conscious, humble, and dedicated company man.

With over 20 years in the driver’s seat, he has been a true asset to his profession. Thanks, Ian, for spending 17 of those years being part of the Caylee team.

Thank you, Ian, for your passion and dedication to the industry!

Alex | July 2020

Congratulations to Alex with Hawk Logistics Ltd.

STA Professional Driver of the Month for July!

Alex has been behind the wheel for 29 years!  He always has a smile on his face. Alex is extremely safety-oriented being well versed in over-dimensional movements and pays great attention to detail.

He is always punctual and extremely reliable. If he says he will be where he needs to be, he always comes through and is always in compliance. He represents the Hawk Logistics brand like a true ambassador and we have many clients comment on his pleasant nature.

If we could “clone” him, we would likely be one of the most successful companies in our industry.

Thank you, Alex, for your passion and dedication to the industry!

Ryan Ferland | June 2020

Congratulations to Ryan Ferland of C.S. Day Transport for being nominated as the STA Professional Truck Driver of the Month.

Ryan started driving for C.S. Day Transport in May 2019, specializing in fuel hauling and vehicle maintenance. Since then, he has shown a constant willingness to work hard and get the job done.

He is a consistently professional and has demonstrated that through some very trying times in our industry.

The STA thanks you, Ryan, for all you do for the industry!

Driver of the Month

Program Details

Professional Driver of the Month

Details and Nominations

This recognition program is to promote outstanding performance and exceptional accomplishments by the men and women who make the supply chain move.

We recognize the hard work that all drivers commit to, and we thank them for keeping the roads safe while getting the job done!

We need you to nominate a driver who has shown outstanding professionalism in the workplace and a commitment to safety on the road.

(The company driver must work for an STA member company.)

The Professional Truck Driver & Employer will be proudly showcased through the STA’s social media channels, website and weekly newsletters.

An announcement is also sent via email to the membership. We know how great Professional Truck Drivers are, let’s make sure they get the recognition they deserve!



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