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Truck transport drives the Saskatchewan economy

Have you heard the saying, if you got it a truck brought it? It applies to most of the goods that people in our province and country use each and every day. From the food you eat to the clothes you wear, it was on a truck at least once before it reached your house.


Saskatchewan is a trading province, contributing 6% of total Canadian exports,
while only accounting for 3% of the population

That means that Saskatchewan exports more per capita than any other province in Canada. The United States is Saskatchewan’s most significant export destination; it is also the most significant importer. The movement of these goods relies heavily on truck transport, with 80% of merchandise trade being moved on a truck. It is estimated that over 90% of all consumer products are shipped via truck. The Saskatchewan trucking industry makes life in our land-locked province possible.

The trucking and warehouse sectors are one of the top occupations in Canada, employing hundreds of thousands of Canadians. 15% of Saskatchewan`s 1.1 million residents are directly employed by the trucking and warehousing industries. Without taking the drivers income tax into account, it is estimated that each truck on the road pays over $60,000 per year in taxes.

Saskatchewan has 26,250 km of highways, including 131 km of ice-road highways. That means Saskatchewan has the largest municipal road network in the country and the trucking industry utilizes it to get Saskatchewan produced goods to market. From grain to crude oil, Saskatchewan`s export-heavy economy relies on truck transport.



Trucking is one of the safest forms of transporting goods,
including dangerous goods.

As an industry that shares its work with the public (roadways), the trucking industry is required to meet the highest safety standards set by both the Provincial and Federal governments. Trucks represent a small percentage of roadways collisions, and an even smaller percentage of the time are the trucks found to be at fault.

There is a variety of safety technologies built standard into modern trucks and trailers. Recently, transport Canada confirmed the intention to introduce electronic logging devices and electronic stability control. These are just two examples of in-truck technology that will make the industry safer than ever before.

At the STA, safety is practiced not preached. Offering an extensive set of training courses focused on safety and offering annual safety awards to drivers who meet a high safety standard.


Environmental factors are more a focus in our province than ever before with the fight against the carbon tax.

The environmental and economic goals of the trucking industry are closely aligned; the environment needs to be respected and customers need prices to be kept low. The solution: burn less, burn cleaner – and that is exactly what trucking has done. As of 2010, truck engines have virtually eliminated particulate matter and smog-creating emissions. The trucking industry is strictly regulated by GHG regulations set out by the federal government; the target for the upcoming round of emission controls is to reduce emissions by 100 million metric tonnes.

The trucking industry supports these targets, providing it allows purchasers of regulated equipment access to technologies that are safe, efficient and tested to Canada`s unique environmental conditions. The regulations will apply to combination tractors, engines, and trailers. Technology that can reduce emissions comes in many forms, from tires to aerodynamic truck parts. Allowing the trucking industry access to what both works well and reduces emission is the key.

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Did You Know?

There is over 26,000 km of Provincial highways in Saskatchewan including municipal roads.

Provincial Highway System: (Saskatchewan Fact Sheet – July 2016)

  • Paved, two-lane: 17,450
  • Paved, four-lane, divided: 1,358
  • Gravel and other: 6,000


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Government of Canada – Canadian Industry Statistics 

The Saskatchewan Trucking Association is the leader and voice for truck transport in the province of Saskatchewan.  As proactive trusted advisors, the STA is a knowledgeable membership association that represents the collective interests of the truck transport industry through authentic advocacy and education.

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