Canadian Pacific Recognizes Rail Safety Week

September 20, 2021

Canadian Pacific (CP) is again joining groups across North America in educating communities about rail safety during Rail Safety Week. This week is dedicated to increasing awareness about staying safe around railway crossings and tracks. CP Police Service (CPPS) officers will be out in communities across CP's network this week making rail safety presentations and conducting safety blitzes.

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"Rail Safety Week is an important opportunity for CP to highlight how to be safe around tracks and trains," said Al Sauve, Chief of CP Police Service. "CP Police Service will be sharing information with motorists, pedestrians and the general public to educate people about the dangers of unsafe behaviour around railways. Train incidents are preventable and rail safety must be an on-going priority each and every day. Together, we can build safer communities."

Operation Lifesaver Canada (OL) and Operation Lifesaver, Inc. in the U.S. (OLI), advocacy groups focused on rail safety, are leading the charge to bring injuries and fatalities involving trains to zero. Every year, approximately 2,100 people in North American are seriously hurt or killed because of unsafe behaviour around railway tracks and trains. 

"Our goal during Rail Safety Week is to drive home the message that an unsafe decision made in a split second – whether it's to go around a lowered gate at a rail crossing, or to trespass on the tracks – can have devastating consequences for you, your loved ones and members of your community," said Sarah Mayes, National Director of OL.

Supporting OL and OLI Initiatives

CP will support OL and OLI initiatives throughout the week by participating in Operation Clear Track in Canada and the U.S., promoting #STOPTrackTragedies and supporting the unveiling of "Look.Listen.Live" railway safety decals at railway crossings in Canada.

"Operation Lifesaver Inc. is pleased that CP remains a consistent stakeholder in helping us spread the rail safety message across the U.S. and with our international partners," said Rachel Maleh, Executive Director of Operation Lifesaver, Inc. "Rail Safety Week is the culmination of our year-round work highlighting the importance of making safe choices around railroad tracks and trains. Together, we can STOP Track Tragedies."

Follow CP's rail safety outreach activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Visit OL and OLI to learn more about Rail Safety Week and how to become a rail safety ambassador. 

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