STA Group Benefits Plan

Tailored to the needs of the trucking industry.

Advantages of the STA Group Benefits Plan

Competitive Edge
Being part of an association plan enhances your buying power, allowing you to compete on a larger scale with lower administration costs, better benefits and rate stability to get the most value from your benefits.

Customizable plan designs to meet member priorities while staying competitive, stable and transparent.

Local Trusted Advisor
Sutton Benefits & Pension, your local specialist, is based out of Saskatoon, SK. With the partnership between Sutton Benefits & Pension and the Saskatchewan Trucking Association, you are gaining a competitive advantage in your industry.

Please contact Andrea Hansen at  or book a 15-minute chat to learn more about the STA Group Benefits Plan.  


Special Report - Attracting & Retaining Drivers

Top 5 HR Insights and the Role of Benefits, Pension, and Workplace Culture

A special report for STA members who want to see their company succeed during unprecedented changes in the industry, the economy, and a demographic shift in workers.

In an industry known for being tough and adaptable, being open to change will be a deciding factor for successful trucking companies in the next decade. With fewer owner-operators in the industry and a shift toward hiring more company drivers, there will be a need to find new recruitment and retention strategies. Competitive compensation packages and benefits will help you get the best people and keep them around for the long haul.


A special thank you to everyone who participated in interviews with Sutton Benefits & Pension to share their unique perspectives, insights, and wisdom used to inform this report. Sutton Benefits & Pension is grateful and proud to work with STA members.

Please contact Andrea Hansen at or book a 15-minute chat to learn more about the STA Group Benefits Plan.  

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