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The STA is the leader and voice for truck transport in the province of Saskatchewan. Get your seat at the table with other influential trucking company executives and the biggest movers and shakers in supporting industries.

Membership offers advocacy opportunities, industry education, and business assistance. The trucking industry is vital to delivering the Saskatchewan way of life. We encourage you to have your voice heard and join the STA today.

Why Become a Member of the STA?

STA Membership is your seat at the table when dealing with regulatory bodies and the evolving landscape of the trucking industry in Saskatchewan. Membership is your key to the trucking industry knowledge center offering advocacy opportunities, industry education and business assistance.

In order to have a vote, a voice and the knowledge of issues currently affecting trucking operations, companies need to be Members of the Association. The STA is the only Provincial trucking Association in Saskatchewan and the only transportation Association in the province that is a member of the Federal Lobby Group, the Canadian Trucking Alliance.

To drive change in the trucking industry, companies must use a collective voice in dealing with policy makers and the public. The STA’s Membership is comprised of the most influential trucking company executives and the biggest movers and shakers in supporting industries. They are the leaders and voice of truck transport in Saskatchewan. As a trucking company – don’t you feel like you should get in on that too? If change is going to happen – don’t you think it should happen in the best interest of the trucking industry… and your company?

Driving Your Advantage

Premium News Alerts

Through member only bi-weekly updates via the STA Newsletter, and other member specific communications, be the first to hear about important regulatory updates and other industry news that requires your action (or attention). Through our vast network, your STA membership has all your industry news covered.

Education & Training

As proactive trusted advisors, the STA is a knowledgeable membership Association that represents the collective interests of the transportation industry. Get special prices on all the STA training offerings including our newest offering, Trucking Industry Certificate of Registration.

Networking with Industry Leaders

Expand your network and become more involved with industry experts around the Province. As a carrier member, you will have the opportunity to get to know like-minded professionals and expand your business networks through interacting with other Carriers, Government Regulators, and Suppliers to the industry.

Exclusive Invitations

Receive invitations to important regulatory meetings or yearly highlights like the STA Golf Classic. As a Carrier Member, you will stay in the know and stay connected through meetings, events, and other special activities.

Shaping Industry Policy

Your seat at the table starts with an STA membership. As the voice of trucking in Saskatchewan, it is our carrier members we look too to make innovative change in the trucking industry. From Rest Stops to Heavy Haul, your participation in committees, surveys and other feedback shapes STA Policy Positions.

STA Highlights & Achievements

Trucking Industry Safety

The STA played a prominent role in SGI’s new NSC process for new carriers in Saskatchewan acting as consultants and providing industry insight. In April 2019, SGI implemented the Carrier Safety Fitness (SFC) application to identify and regulate unsafe carriers that avoid safety compliance, putting other road users at risk. This was a win for safety and another step to ensure #AllRoadsLeadToSafety.

Certificate of Recognition for the Trucking Industry (COR)

Your COR designation is step one to creating a culture of safety and contributing to making Saskatchewan highways the safest highways in Canada. This is a first of its kind offering for trucking companies in Saskatchewan falling under the T42 rate code. As a Carrier member of the STA enjoy discounted prices and start working towards developing your company’s own health and safety programs.

Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT)

The STA has been essential in working with SGI to ensure the smooth delivery of the new standardized curriculum for truck drivers to obtain their Class 1A license in Saskatchewan. Implemented March 2019—the STA felt the initial wave of criticism towards the program and effectively were able to address these concerns with SGI via the formation of an SGI MELT Committee, consisting of professional driving schools, carrier representatives, industry safety professionals and of course, the STA.

Saskatchewan Rest Stops

The STA was instrumental in the reversal of closure of key stopping areas along Saskatchewan highways. The STA has formed a committee with Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure and SGI to address the shortage of safe stopping areas for commercial vehicles.

Key Industry Relationships

The STA has worked diligently to form effective working relationships with relevant Government Ministries and Industry entities. The STA works with: Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, Ministry of Immigration and Career Training and Labour Market Services, Ministry of Advanced Education, Ministry of Trade and Export Development, Saskatchewan Business Council, the Canadian Trucking Alliance and so much more. As a Saskatchewan based Carrier this is your opportunity to help the STA strengthen these relationships and collectively work together to shape policy.

Do you have a trusted employee ready to be elevated to the next level? The Certified Transportation Safety Professional (CTSP) designation provides the gateway to manage a trucking company safety and compliance program.

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