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The STA is the leader and voice for truck transport in the province of Saskatchewan. Secure your place alongside influential trucking company executives and prominent figures in supporting industries.

Membership provides avenues for advocacy, industry education, and business support. The trucking sector plays a crucial role in sustaining the Saskatchewan way of life.

We invite you to have your voice heard and become part of the STA today.

Why Become a Member of the STA?

To possess a vote, a voice, and a comprehensive understanding of the pressing issues affecting trucking operations, companies must become Members of the Association. The STA stands as the sole Provincial Trucking Association in Saskatchewan, and it's also the exclusive transportation Association in the province that holds membership with the federal lobby group, the Canadian Trucking Alliance.

Effecting change in the trucking industry necessitates a unified voice when interacting with policymakers and the general public. The STA's Membership constitutes a select group, including influential trucking company executives and prominent figures in supporting industries. They serve as the frontrunners and advocates for truck transport in Saskatchewan. As a trucking company, don't you feel the urge to be part of this influential collective? If change is to be enacted, isn't it imperative that it be in the best interest of the trucking industry and, by extension, your company?

Driving Your Advantage

Premium News Alerts

As a valued member, you'll gain exclusive access to bi-weekly updates through the STA Newsletter and other member-specific communications. Be the first to stay informed about crucial regulatory developments and other industry news that may require your prompt action or attention. Your STA membership ensures you're well-covered when it comes to industry news, thanks to our extensive network.

Education & Training

As proactive trusted advisors, the STA is a knowledgeable membership Association that represents the collective interests of the transportation industry. Enjoy special pricing on all STA training offerings, including our latest addition, the Trucking Industry Certificate of Registration.

Networking with Industry Leaders

Enhance your professional network and engage with industry experts across the province. As a carrier member, you'll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals and expand your business connections by interacting with fellow Carriers, Government Regulators, and Suppliers in the industry.

Exclusive Invitations

Receive invitations to pivotal regulatory meetings and annual highlights such as the STA Golf Classic. As a Carrier Member, you'll stay well-informed and connected through various meetings, events, and special activities.

Shaping Industry Policy

Your seat at the decision-making table commences with an STA membership. As the voice of the trucking industry in Saskatchewan, we turn to our carrier members to drive innovative changes. From Rest Stops to Heavy Haul, your active participation in committees, surveys, and feedback processes helps shape STA Policy Positions.

The STA, YWCA Saskatoon and Saskatchewan Ministry of Immigration and Career Training have launched a pilot-program to encourage more woman to participate in the trucking industry.

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