Transportation issues could have impact on holiday shopping in Sask.

October 21, 2021

Holiday shopping season is right around the corner, but getting what you need could be a lot more challenging than in years past.

2021-10-21-Transportation issues could impact supply chain
22,000 Vacant Positions in Canada

That’s according to Susan Ewart with the Saskatchewan Trucking Association.

Speaking on Monday’s Greg Morgan Morning Show, Ewart says there are a few factors that could make stuffing stockings more of a headaches.

“The labour shortages across the country are definitely causing supply chain challenges,” Ewart said. “We’re hearing from members that they are placing orders and (are) not going to receive equipment they need until 2023.

“All of these things compounding could mean we see some serious supply change disruptions.”

The shortage of truck drivers in Canada is an issue that needs provincial governments working together, according to Ewart.

She says the industry as a whole needs more funding for training, adding it lacks the level of funding similar to other fields of work in the country.

“We need to work together with governments in order to sort of come up with some creative ways to try and solve some of these things,” Ewart said. “We certainly have been talking to our government about accessing training dollars.

“I think if you look at the economic outlook and the the top jobs that have the most vacancies, I believe trucking is at least No. 2.”

For Ewart, it’s important to get people interested in pursuing a career path as a truck driver.

“We need to get that next generation of Canadians into the driver’s seat,” she said.

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