2022 STA AGM Conference and Gala

Oct 31, 2022

Society in general has been held up for the last few years watching Netflix and ordering Skip the Dishes and it would seem that there is a surge to get back out and meet, mingle, and enjoy each other’s company. This was very apparent at this year's STA AGM, Conference, and Gala.

 2022 STA AGM Conference and Gala

The full day of events was very well attended by the STA members. The AGM followed the official format and covered nominations of new board members, executive appointments, and the annual executive director and financial reports. Both the CTA and the ICT added value to the meeting with presentations to conclude the morning. During breaks there were opportunities to visit and mingle with a range of suppliers at a mini-trade They presented new and upcoming technology and maybe had a deal or two to offer.  

If you had never heard of Paul Krismer before, then he would have made a big impression with his keynote presentation after lunch. He engaged the room with relevance and passion for business development. His focus on how important it is to shift to a positive company culture was well-received by everyone in attendance. He revealed how he is a master at audience engagement and provided a clear demonstration of what happens to the culture at the grassroots levels of organizations.  

Next up, the panel group on creating company culture-confirmed how individuals from different and diverse backgrounds and organizations can have a common theme when responding. The optics and details may have been different, but the message was very much the same about how to develop and sustain and successful culture. People come first. Without them you have nothing. 

 The evening Gala was once again the highlight of the day. Everyone who attended was looking elegant and stylish. There was a feeling of excitement and relief that we could now see our associates and friends in person. It was a relief to be able to finally meet in person with those e-meeting images we have become used to viewing and be able to start building new relationships or reconnecting with past contacts. The décor was an elegant nod to an Oscar theme and there were libations available, a hardy banquet of craved beef with all the trimmings, and a candy bar that was well stocked all evening. We had recognition awards for those in the trucking industry that have shown outstanding achievement and scholarship acknowledgment of the next generation of future employees. And lastly, the musings of a hilarious local comedian provided everyone with a much-needed chance to laugh and relax together to round out the evening. 

Anyone who did not make time to spend the day at the 2022 STA AGM should be kicking themselves. The event provided relevant and important information for any member regardless of carrier size or affiliate profile. In a world where it seems like there is so much to do and so little time to do it, this was a way to combine business direction, industry networking, and a chance to socialize and catch up after a collective break from personal interaction. We at the STA fully appreciate all the support for this occasion and hope that future events are just as well attended. A huge thanks to everyone involved and we hope to see you next year. 

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