Call to Drivers and Trucking Workers: Lend Your Voice to Ending Driver Inc

Mar 23, 2023

(TORONTO, March 17, 2023) -- Are you a truck driver or legitimate owner-operator who is tired of Driver Inc companies breaking the rules at your expense and exploiting and misclassifying employees while you pay your fair share of taxes and do everything to comply with the law? Or are you a true employee forced into the Driver Inc model by your company and who is not offered any of the labour protections and insurance benefits available under the law?

Call to Drivers and Trucking Workers: Lend Your Voice to Ending Driver Inc

The Canadian Trucking Alliance is now providing you with a simple way of urging the government to put an end to the illegal practice, which undermines compliant trucking companies, drivers and workers. As the 2023 Federal Budget approaches (March 28) make your voice heard!

Simply go to On the right side of the homepage, select ‘I’m a Driver’ to send an auto email to your MP, the Prime Minister and other key ministers. You’ll see a draft of the email explaining the problem that is Driver Inc and the concerns many of us share; fill in some basic information, and hit ‘send.’ It takes less than two minutes to have your voice heard on this issue. 

Canada’s economy is in a fragile state. Continued cost of living pressures and sustained inflation has led to life becoming more costly for more Canadians. And talk of a recession is heating up. Now is not the time for further attacks on our supply chains and economy. But that’s exactly what’s happening with the emergence of the tax and labour abuse scheme, known as Driver Inc.

Although some provinces have taken some steps to crack down on Driver Inc and the federal government has expressed a willingness to invest in enforcement tools to combat the scheme, more must be done. Your voice is needed to ensure this commitment is solidified in the upcoming Budget announcement and that Ottawa takes real action.   

As a responsible and compliant truck driver or true owner operator, companies that misclassify their drivers and avoid paying their fair share only hurts you and all other taxpayers. 

Help put an end to it once and for all. Click here

The STA, YWCA Saskatoon and Saskatchewan Ministry of Immigration and Career Training have launched a pilot-program to encourage more woman to participate in the trucking industry.

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