CDC to Implement New Rules for Dogs Entering the U.S. as of August 1, 2024

Jun 17, 2024

Starting on August 1, 2024, the U.S. Centre for Disease Control (CDC) will be implementing new measures to control the entry of dogs into the U.S. to combat the spread of rabies. The CDC’s new importation requirements apply to all travellers and all dogs entering the country, including for short trips, such as to visit family or friends, to receive veterinary care, or as a travel companion.

CDC to Implement New Rules for Dogs Entering the U.S. as of August 1, 2024

Beginning on August 1, 2024, all dogs entering the United States must:

Appear healthy upon arrival;

  • Be at least six months of age;
  • Be microchipped; and
  • Be accompanied by a CDC Dog Import Form online submission receipt.

The CDC Dog Import Form must be completed for each trip; this process takes less than 5 minutes and is free. Individuals do not need to print the CDC Dog Import Form receipt, which can be shown on your phone to U.S. Customs and Border Protection upon arrival. It is recommended the form is filled out ahead of time to ensure it is available and complete (e.g. in case of lack of internet availability) but it may be filled out immediately prior to entry.

Frequent border crossers can travel back and forth multiple times with the Certification of US-issued Rabies Vaccine form. The form is accepted for the duration the rabies vaccine is valid (1 or 3 years).

The CDC website has added a DogBot feature, which will assist travellers in determining what is required when travelling with their dog to the United States.

Please visit the following links for more information about this requirement:

Frequently Asked Questions on CDC Dog Importations:

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