City of Regina Amends Traffic Bylaws with regards to Trucking

Oct 12, 2022

The City of Regina Council approved New Traffic Bylaw amendments.

City of Regina Amends Traffic Bylaws with regards to Trucking

The amendments passed by the council include:

  1.  Updated wording and clarifications to trucking provisions to be clearer from an enforcement standpoint
  2. The removal of the Winnipeg Street Underpass between Dewdney and 8th Avenue
  3. Updated wording in the permit fees to indicate that over-dimensional and overweight permits have a fee of $50.00
  4. Updated route maps for Heavy Truck Routes
  5. Updated fine amount for truck route violations


Except for the removal of the Winnipeg Street underpass, updated truck routes, and changes in violation fines, the remaining changes were to add clarity for enforcement. Once the City has amended the bylaw it will be posted to the City of Regina website.


There is also new signage at the Winnipeg Street Underpass to notify drivers of the new truck route revisions around the underpass.

 See below for the attached documents, which will provide details on all the changes

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