City of Swift Current's Truck Route Bylaw Change

May 24, 2022

City of Swift Current Council has approved a new Truck Route Bylaw that will be put into effect immediately – this notice will serve as background information and explanation of the terms.

City of Swift Current's Truck Route Bylaw Change

The former truck route was a guideline under the Traffic Bylaw that designated the route that trucks could take through the city. However, it did not differentiate between Dangerous Goods, Over-dimensional and Heavy Vehicle routes, and the former permit process did not specify allowable weights or dimensions.

The new Truck Route Bylaw establishes separate routes depending on the loads that are carried through Swift Current, creating a:

  • Heavy Vehicle Route - intended for Pickup and delivery of goods/loads in the city. Trucks allowed to travel off route for pickups and deliveries
  • Over-dimensional Route - Specific route with maximum clearances intended for loads exceeding standard dimensions and weights. Dimensions match with Sask. Ministry of Highways & Infrastructure standards. Any vehicle requiring a permit from SGI will also require one from the city.
  • Dangerous Goods Route - Intended for vehicles carrying materials identified as Dangerous Goods in bulk (Chemicals, fuel, etc.) These vehicles can deviate from the route only to make pickups or deliveries.

Implementation of updated signage is underway. 

The bylaw can be found for reference on the City of Swift Current website here.  (Brochure and bylaw also attached in PDF) Please distribute this information within your organization as deemed necessary.

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